Day 2 – Surviving lockdown with roots!

Well, we are only on day two, and the question I’m being asked the most is: “What on earth can I do about my roots?” Clearly when Boris decided to only allow ‘essential services’ he didn’t factor how emotionally upsetting grey roots are (or roots in general – I don’t want to be age specific here!). The novo team are also being asked for their advice through social media, and they are worried about all the colour corrections that could arise from clients performing home-colour!

So to avoid what can only be described as ‘self-harm’ (how we in the trade refer to home colouring), I am giving you a few pearls of my hairdressing wisdom to help you through these dark, dark days (or grey, grey days…as the case may be).

  • If you have highlights in your hair, do not under any circumstances attempt any home hair colour – it may hide the root, but will turn your beautifully placed multi-tonal highlights/babylights into an all over colour….and probably one you won’t like. In addition, when we do come out the other side of this Coronavirus nightmare, it could take us over a year to return your hair to the colour it was previously.
  • If you have very early stage grey roots (or dark roots), try moving your parting a little – the hair each side of your parting will naturally fall flatter, moving the parting a only a small amount will give you more volume around the parting and disguise the root a little.
  • If your root is approaching, or has past the stage where it is due, please try and resist the urge to use a home colour. I have three options which will hopefully tide you over, whilst not creating a problem once life returns to normality again:
    1. The more expensive option: Colour Wow root cover ( This is a great product and will ‘precisely’ disguise your roots where needed – it is the one novo would recommend the most.
    2. The cheaper option: L’Oréal Magic Touch ( This is a similar concept to the Colour Wow version, but uses a spray nozzle rather than a brush. It is a little less accurate as a result, but as a quick fix it covers the roots (where you see them) – I would recommend only applying both products to the visible root areas; there is no need to use the product beyond that point.
    3. The free option: cover up all the mirrors in your house and mix 1 part Campari, 1 part Red Vermouth, and 1 part Gin – pour over plenty of ice and add a slice of orange. If you’ve never had one before, it’s called a Negroni and it’s how I’ll personally be addressing every ‘first world’ problem I encounter for the next however-many weeks 😉
  • If your root is not as big a problem as your colour fade, you could try the Davines Alchemic range. This is a range of shampoo/conditioner that will use colour pigments to add vibrancy and tone to your faded colour. It is available in Gold, Red, Copper, Tobacco and Silver, as well as some seasonal colours. Novo have stock of these in both the mini size (£17.50 for shampoo and conditioner) and the normal size (£36.40 for the pair) – stock is limited and we cannot say when we are likely to receive more. To help clients through this period we will be offering free local delivery (due consideration given to social distancing) on these products and can facilitate PayPal payment – as we can on any of our other Davines, Kerastase or Moroccan Oil products. If you wish to order any product(s) please email us at – we can check your colour history and advise you which tone would best suit.


Until we see you again, we hope you and your families stay well and #showyourroots if necessary!


Kevin x