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Taking hair to new lengths

Passionate about making hair look beautiful

Novo are passionate about making your hair look beautiful, but sometimes getting the hair of your dreams needs a little assistance – no one has more experience in the area than novo hair.  Novo hair specialises in the two systems recognised throughout the industry as the best available ‘Great Lengths’ and ‘Easilocks’

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As a Great Lengths silver salon, novo hair specialises in 100% natural hair extensions and can give you the hair of your dreams instantly! Whether adding length, or just adding thickness and volume, adding extensions to your hair can cost as little as £150.00 and with 55 shades to choose from, will blend perfectly with your own hair.


Easilocks blends so well with the natural hair that it is virtually undetectable to the eye. Easilocks is available in a variety of sizes, lengths, colours and textures and, as it uses no glue or heat, causes no stress or damage to the hair.