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Why is Olaplex such a game-changer?

Do you have perfect hair? If you do….great – if you do not, you need to take the 5 mins to read this article.

What is Olaplex? Put simply, Olaplex is the magic ingredient that rebuilds the bonds inside your hair – basically, perfect bonds = perfect condition hair.

Olaplex has taken the hairdressing world by storm and spawned numerous Olaplex copies, but rather like the previous industry game-changer, that was GHD (and we all know how that changed your world), there may be many copies, but Olaplex is still the best bond-rebuilder by some distance.

The magic Olaplex treatment we offer as an in-salon service (£30) and as an additive within your colour service (£19.50) – used in salon it will make your coloured hair feel better and last longer.

The take-home range consists of:

No3 (£28) – The take home treatment: use once a week to keep your bonds healthy and your hair in tip-top condition. One bottle should last approx 15 treatments @ less than £2 per application.

No4 (£28) – The shampoo: used regularly, this will supplement your Olaplex regime.

*New! No4C (£28) – The Clarifying Shampoo: hard water, chlorinated water, pollutants and trace metals are all present in the hair. When we colour over these nasties it not only affects the quality of the outcome, but also sets off a chemical reaction which causes more damage to the hair than is necessary. No4C used weekly gives the hair a good detox and ensures that the other Olaplex products work to their maximum efficiency – see below for special offer!

*New! No4P (£28) – Blonde Maintenance Shampoo: we all know blonde hair loses its tone and often turns a little brassy over time – No4P is a blonde hair shampoo that not only maintained the ash/cool tone, but also helps rebuild the hair between salon visits.

No5 (£28) – The conditioner: Used in conjunction with No3 and No4, this will complete your home-haircare maintenance program.

No6 (£28) – The Smoother: still containing the active Olaplex ingredient, this will be your new styling best-friend (our clients love this product!)

No7 (£28) – The Oil: As with all of the products in the range, this contains the magic Olaplex ingredient (to help continually rebuild the hair), but No7 will add weightless shine and bounce.

No8 (£28) 4in1 Moisturiser – All of the previous maintenance products (No3, 4 and 5) work on strengthening and rebuilding the bonds, but your hair still needs moisture; 4in1 answers this need perfectly.

No9 (£28) – The Serum – We all love a serum to smooth those flyaways and add softness to the hair, and Olaplex’s serum is another client Favourite.

If you’ve read through to this point, I’d like to thank you for bearing with me! I know from talking to clients (and a lot of clients are skeptical of products that make such bold claims), that our clients LOVE Olaplex and really notice a difference in the condition of their hair following regular use. Good quality haircare is not cheap, but neither is top quality skincare. But rather like in the case of skincare, the results speak for themselves.

If you haven’t yet discovered the wonders of Olaplex, you really should – if you already use Olaplex (and know how great it is), I’d really recommend trying the No4C, it will help you get the best results from your Olaplex regime. Plus, Plus (and Plus again!) for a limited period we are offering 4C at an introductory price of only £19.60*

*This offer is exclusive to our regular Olaplex buying clients.