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COVID-19 Skin Sensitivity Tests.

New evidence suggests that clients who have had Coronavirus (knowingly or unknowingly), or who have had the COVID vaccination, may experience an allergic reaction to hair colouring – even on a colourant they have had no previous reaction to.
As a result we have taken the decision to allergy test all clients who are booked for a colour once we reopen.

If you have a hair colour appointment booked between Monday 12th April and Thursday 15th April, we will be contacting you shortly to arrange a skin test on either Friday 9th April or Saturday 10th April (the salon will be manned between 9am and 12noon on both days).

Our clients welfare (as always) is our No1 priority and we will be skin testing all clients with A) their usual hair colourant, and B) an alternative (different formulation) colourant. In most cases clients that have an allergic reaction to their usual colourant will usually find that the ‘alternative’ will not cause a reaction.

We appreciate that our colour clients are very much overdue at the moment, but we cannot risk an extreme allergic reaction and ask that clients ensure they get patch-tested as soon as possible.

We will contact all clients who have a hair colour appointment after Thursday 15th April once we reopen on the 12th.